Big Bud Autoflowering Samen


Thc Level 5 – 15%
Indica 70%
Sativa 30%
Klima Drinnen / Draußen
Ertrag Innen Bis Zu 600 Gramm Pro Quadratmeter
Ertrag Im Freien Bis Zu 800 Gramm Pro Quadratmeter
Höhe Innen Bis Zu 50 Cm
Höhe Im Freien Bis Zu 110 Cm
Blühzeit Innen 7 – 9 Wochen
Schwierigkeit Einfach


Many users find it easy to relate with the characteristic high produced by the Big Bud Auto strain. By popular description, you can’t get enough of it as it enwraps you on a long journey to the stoner’s fantasy island. Thanks to its Tetrahydrocannabinol content averaging between 5% -15% depending on the growing conditions. If you prefer your hit during the night hours, you might find just the right companion in the Big Bud Auto strain. For beginners, it is quite easy to identify this strand. If someone puts enormously big cannabis buds in your hands with your eyes closed, the chances are that they belong to the Big Bud Auto strain. There are just that hard to miss.

If you get lost in the middle of a large cannabis farm and need to pick out the Big Bud Auto strain, you should spot them easily with a few tips. They are easily identified by their noticeable centrally placed and large, plentiful buds. The buds gather mostly around the stem. You can easily spot the buds on the high branches too. The buds are heavy, huge, and many times require external support to avoid damage to the tender stems. That right there is your passport to the stoners’ highway. Pick it!



The Big Bud Auto strain originally originates from the United States around the 1980s. The first breeding farms with considerable harvest quotas for this strain were found there. Subsequently, the Big Bud Auto strain makes its way to the Netherlands. Breeders in the Netherlands are credited with preserving the strain genetics to still survive to this day. Over time, there were breeding researches performed to make sure this strain survives the extreme climatic conditions of the Northern European summer.

Genetically, the Big Bud Auto strain is considered an offspring of the Skunk and Afghan varieties with genetic traces of the Northern Lights. The legends of this rich are rich in different attempts at cross-breeding and in-breeding effort just to improve its features. Variant hybridization and stabilization farming happened mostly in the Netherlands. The final result of these breeding is a variant combining desirable features of the Afghan varieties and Skunk with a particularly high bud yield. It is capable of thriving in most climates and has a fast flowering time.



Do you need your cannabis adventures spiced with just the right aroma? Why not take Big Bud Auto strain on a fantasy ride. Not only does this train packs enough buds to last you a few smoking sessions. The aroma reported from smoking this strain is a testament to its true origins. The user often describes a scent that sweet, musky, and spicy. The aroma intensifies after harvesting, and curing does not in any way affect it. This means, no matter how you preserve your seeds or harvest quota, the Big Bud Auto strain stays true to its origin. It gives off a smoke described to have its own aroma and aftertaste.

The flavor of the Big Bud Auto strain smoke is earthy and woody, while the aroma is quite spicy. During cultivation, it gives off a quite subtle smell. A gentle squeeze of the ripening tops releases a scent of sweet citrus while it leaves your fingers sticky from its thick to resign gland coatings. Only a few cannabis strains pack these flavors at a single puff.



The Big Bud Auto strain gives the user a strong body high that is often described as griping and tempting. Its high indica content gives a buzz like no other. The buzz is happy, light, and gentle inexperience. At first use, you are sure to experience a relaxing sleep that keeps you calm all day. Many users have reported a complete-body high, which is intense and relaxing. The 15% Sativa content adds an element of euphoria to the effect you get from this strain.

Complementary medicine also uses the Big Bud Auto strain a lot. Its high indica content means it has a rich deposit of CBD that can be explored for medical purposes. It is used as an effective remedy for physical discomfort, anxiety, loss of appetite, and insomnia.



The auto-flowering properties of this strain mean it will switch automatically from the vegetation stage to the flowering stage. Big Bud Auto strain is a medium-sized plant regardless of the cultivation method. Most plants can range from 90 to 13 centimeters indoors. If cultivated outdoors, they can reach as high a 150 centimeters. The buds yield is plentiful and definitely hard to miss. The indoor yield is up to 600 grams or 21.2 ounces per square meter. If you choose an outdoor growth plan, you can expect a yield of about 800 grams or 28.2 ounces per square meter. You can also check our seed shop for more strains like the Big Bud auto.



Growth difficulty for this strain is easy. This means novice and expert cannabis farmers can give it a shot without any pert supervision. All you have to do is select your preferred growing technique. Growers are not required to change the light/dark phases of the growth process. The plant regulates this by itself. By 9 weeks of germination, most plants are ready for harvesting, producing god yield within a short period of time. The Big Bud Auto strain is capable of thriving under different climatic conditions, with a total growth cycle of about 13 weeks.

You also need to ensure that the watering schedule is top-notch. Nutrients applications can also be made for optimum yield. Immediately the buds start getting heavy; you might also need to make plans for external support. This is necessary to avoid stem damage. Check through our cultivation guide to better understand how best to grow this strain.


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