Cheese Autoflowering Samen


Thc Level 20 – 30%
Indica 75%
Sativa 25%
Klima Drinnen / Draußen
Ertrag Innen Bis Zu 400 Gramm Pro Quadratmeter
Ertrag Im Freien Bis Zu 550 Gramm Pro Quadratmeter
Höhe Innen Bis Zu 80 Cm
Höhe Im Freien Bis Zu 100 Cm
Blühzeit Innen 6 – 8 Wochen
Schwierigkeit Einfach


Smile and say Cheese! The weirdest and funniest weed available, Cheese Autoflowering Feminized, guaranteed to make you laugh. All the characteristics of our beloved Master Kush with our Super Skunk strain mixed in. This autoflowering seed produces a more controlled marijuana plant with larger buds. The smell and taste of the marijuana plant are increased but the high stays the same: very high!



Cheese auto cannabis seeds are a typical definition of what the Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds can do. Here, Relaximo must have had a good time before he came up with our unique Master Kush and Super Skunk crossing; Cheese auto feminized.

Even though this strain has been around for a couple of years, we can nod that our breeders pump in the effort to always ensure that she gets improved time and over again. The AMS Cheese autoflower doesn’t disappoint. Never will it. Ever. That’s how far we can get confident as far as our strains get concerned.



Cheese marijuana has a deep earthy flavor, very dominant. Strong body stoned and a happy giggly high. Makes me smile all the time and I like giggling soo bad. Great for chilling with your mates. Cheese seeds will produce a great strong plant. Easy to grow and great for medical use.

You can ultimately rely on this Indica dominant for the after-dinner consumption, and we can confidently tell you for sure that she is idea for wading off your medical conditions. See, 75% Indica dominance is not the ordinary for casting one’s doubts. Cheese autoflower seeds give rise to these medical strains that can best get smoked during the night hours, and you will be happy to see to it that medical maladies are a talk of the past for you.

As the name implies, you expect the plant to have a cheesy aroma and flavor, which is one of the reasons that most of the customers swear by this massively yielding ganja plant.



Probably you are looking down on yourself that it is overwhelm to germinate Cheese auto cannabis seeds and have them growing into perfect strains. However, worry not anymore! You are dealing with experts, and their brains ooze cannabis growing wisdom.

First things first…how many cannabis seeds germination methods do you know? If you know none, then don’t crack your head and think beyond your limits. There are a plethora of ways you can sprout your Cheese auto marijuana seeds.

These include the usage of the paper towel germination method, overnight soaking, the usage of seedling plugs, and more as you will see on our cannabis germination tips.

When it comes to the transplanting stage, we would advocate for ample spacing. The Cheese autoflower is an Indica, and as is with most of the Indicas, they tend to be short and bushy. This beautiful marijuana plant grows really bushy, so make sure to space the marijuana plants enough. Close spacing will make her leaves intertwine with the other nearby plants. This is always a demerit as when one of the plant gets attacked by cannabis white powdery or molds, these types of cannabis nuisances end up spreading to your healthy plants.

Secondly, cannabis plants require sufficient water, and the grass you will obtain from your AMS Cheese auto feminized seeds is not an exception. Your seedling will require ample amounts of water, and it would be best if you ensure that she gets this necessity in abundance.

Thirdly, the same way you take food, it will help big time if you ensure that your Cheese auto feminized gets sufficient amounts of marijuana fertilizer. If resources don’t allow you to have some, then we have trialed on coffee grounds, and we can tell you that these will be helpful towards enabling your Cheese autoflower provide maximum yields.

If we assume that you have done everything right, you can expect to reap up to 400gms per square meter indoors, and up to 550gms per square meter outdoors. And also, it would be best if you don’t get confused with the words “up to.” Here, we are not talking about the average yields. We are talking about the optimum yields that the plant can give as per our rigorous tests done right here in the Netherlands.

Start growing your own comedy factory now.



We actually feel our fingers itching that we are not giving 100% germination chances with our Cheese autoflowering feminized seeds. However, due to the fact that there could be mishaps and uncertainties such as seed distortions during shipping (which is rare), and some lenience in the germination method, it’s daunting to guarantee a 100% germination chance, which is, of course, not on our part.



We have been in the business for more than 20 years now, and we know the ropes and ins and outs of pot. One thing that has kept us steadfast in our ordeals is the fact that we consistently improve our existing strains to make them stay at par, while also introducing fresh blood every other time we get overwhelmed with work. This means that we are always productive and ready to satisfy our customers every other time.

Our line of Cheese auto marijuana seeds is among the top-sellers today, and we can attribute this success to the fact that we keep on improving how we run our stuff right here. See, our packaging designs today are not the way they used to be 10 years ago. The same case applies to the quality of our seeds (even though the quality was top-notch), and our delivery schedules.

Necessarily, you won’t have to worry about your nosy neighbor peeping through the delivery team bringing your cannabis seeds at your doorstep. Our mode of packaging is blanc, and we believe that high-quality seeds are nothing if natural weather conditions can adversely affect your shipment or if anyone can guess easily what’s getting delivered to you due to lenience in packaging.


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