Chronic Autoflowering Samen


THC LEVEL 16 – 20%
KLIMA drinnen / draußen
ERTRAG INNEN Bis zu 450 Gramm pro Quadratmeter
ERTRAG IM FREIEN Bis zu 550 Gramm pro Quadratmeter
HÖHE INNEN Bis zu 70 cm
HÖHE IM FREIEN Bis zu 110 cm
SCHWIERIGKEIT Leicht / mäßig


The range of medical benefits this strain gives cannabis users are many, but we strongly advise you to consult a physician before deciding to use it for any medical reasons. Don’t get lost in its medical effects; the Chronic auto strain is also a spectacular cannabis strain to cultivate. The Tetrahydrocannabinol composition of this strain ranges from 20% to 30%, with an average of 24%. This means you can also decide to cultivate this strain purely for recreational purposes. The first thing you notice while cultivating this strain is its ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions. It is very resistant and adapts easily to different growing conditions.

This chronic auto boast of a life cycle of about 70 days –a surprisingly short period for an auto-flowering cannabis strain. However, you are sure to fall in love with this plant during this short period of time. The buds‘ quality is exceptional, and they can pack a THC level as high as 14%. Under modified growing conditions, this level might be higher. Do you love your cannabis strain to be packed with terpenes? Then you would definitely love Chronic auto. A hybrid cannabis strain has a natural deposit of terpenes, including Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Myrcene. In addition to its medicinal properties, it serves an energizing and uplifting effect that keeps you wanting more.


The Chronic auto strain is a hybrid strain deriving a genetic origin from the Skunk x Northern Lights, the AK 47, and the Northern Lights. Other characteristics of this strain are directly derived from its rich genealogy. Specifically, the Indica/Sativa ratio is 70:30, and the THC level ranges from 20% – 30%, with an average level of 24%.


The Chronic auto strain serves a bud filled with different flavors. It combines a delicious sweet fragrance with an amazingly beautiful appearance. While you are still wondering about its beauty, the plant takes your sensory on a long journey filled with aroma and exceptional scents. While still in the seedling bed, there are very high chances that you must have registered the peculiar aroma it gives. The buds are not fragrant during the growth season, but if you take a momentary hit after harvest, it treats to one of the most amazing scents ever served in the cannabis kingdom.

Chronic auto strain also serves you huge sticky buds characterized by a majestic flavor regardless of how you consume it. After harvesting, experienced cannabis farmers thoroughly dry the harvested product to chiefly retain its signature scent. If you decide to cultivate it in an enclosed cabinet indoors, it fills the house with an aura that your visitors will surely appreciate. Of course, that is if an indoor cannabis plantation doesn’t sound strange to them.


It is probably safe to assume that Chronic auto strain is cultivated by man farmers for its medicinal effects. The effect described by our customers who use the Chronic auto strain is a direct testament to the strain’s genealogy. It seems to rightly combine the genetic characteristics of the AK 47, the Northern Lights, and the Skunk x Northern Lights. Although, we strongly recommend that you consult a physician before deciding to use this strain for medical purposes.

Our Chronic auto strain has shown potency in the reduction of chronic pain sensations and pain related to nerve damage. Experts have suggested that t brings down the pain perception level and increases the pain threshold. If you need a weed specifically designed for pain relief, Chronic auto strain will blow your mind at the first trial. This strain also contains the ideal genetic characteristics with the right Indica/Sativa ratio, making it a medicinal candidate for many diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, mental illness, hypertension, chronic renal failure, ulcerative colitis, and diabetes.

The THC components induce a strong relaxation feeling that transports you straight to the stoners’ haven. At an average THC level of 24%, you get a stoned feeling and euphoria that alleviate your worries. In the cannabis kingdom, Chronic auto strain packs a lot of effects and can only be compared with Vortex, Lime Haze, and candy Skunk in this regard.


If you get your seeds from us, we guarantee you a 90% germination rate. To better increase your chances at optimal germination, you can check through our Cannabis Growing Guide for more growth hacks. The Chronic auto strain is a high yield strain giving you optimum harvest quotas under different growth conditions. If you prefer an indoor cultivation method, your plant yield can be up to 450 grams or 15.9 ounces per square meter. However, the yield level for this strain improves when cultivated outdoor. This means you can get up to 550 grams or 19.4 ounces per square meter.


The growth difficulty level ranges from easy to moderate. So, if there are no strange occurrences, natural disasters, or harsh weather conditions, you are sure to have a well-tendered plant. The sprouting of this strain is straightforward, as the plant can regulate its own lightning schedule to flower easily. All you have to do is provide adequate water and nutrient. You have to be gentle with watering, though; you certainly do not want to drench your smart work. You can also find out how much water your cannabis plant needs for optimal growth.

After the germination of your seeds, you should be ready to transplant them. As an Indica strain, it doesn’t grow too tall when planted indoors. Indoors height can be about 50cm compared to the outdoor height of about 150cm. If you do everything right, your plant should flower around 6 -8 weeks of germination.


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