Habiba Autoflowering Samen


Thc Level 16 – 20%
Indica 100%
Sativa 0%
Klima Drinnen / Draußen
Ertrag Innen Bis Zu 400 Gramm Pro Quadratmeter
Ertrag Im Freien Bis Zu 550 Gramm Pro Quadratmeter
Höhe Innen Bis Zu 70 Cm
Höhe Im Freien Bis Zu 90 Cm
Blühzeit Innen 8 – 9 Wochen
Schwierigkeit Mäßig


Embrace the flavors of orange and sweet berry’s. The Habiba auto feminized strain is one of the most delicious strains globally, and adorable scents when growing and smoking. Habiba translated in Arabic means „beloved“.



Habiba originates from the Mazar strain. Here at the Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds company have put in the effort to see to it that our Habiba auto feminized seeds tangle along with the original Mazar strain, and importantly, the regular Habiba weed.

For the more than 20 years we have been on these online streets selling cannabis seeds, we have perfected the art of consistently improving our seeds to make them the best you can ever find out there. All this is all thanks to our dependable breeders led by our master breeder, Relaximo. Habiba autoflowering seeds from AMS; an irresistible package to let slip your palms.



AMS Habiba cannabis seeds produce plants that are the true definition of a pure, unadulterated Indica. While at this, what is the difference between Indica and Sativa? She brings about her the standing out effects of Indica, ad we find this strain ideal for those who like a nighttime stash. Unwind after a stressful day and smoke some Habiba weed.

Our customers who deeply love our Habiba marijuana seeds tell us that they can do away with fatigue, depression, and menstrual cramps after smoking a Habiba stash at night. We can also remember a couple of lady potheads who told us that yes, the beloved AMS Habiba weed seeds give grass that makes their bedroom affairs rocking!



Habiba seeds have a moderate growing difficulty, to mean that amateurs and the experts in cannabis growing find her seamless. However, we wouldn’t recommend absolute beginners to trial out their to-be hobby with Habiba. There are loads of Indica hybrids to make your feet wet with before coming the absolute Indica way.

Habiba is a typical Indica, a strong-growing dense plant with big leaves and produces a great amount of weed. Can be grown indoor and outdoor, great for medical marijuana use.

This auto-flowering seed is fast-growing, heavy yielding hybrid. Habiba is praised for its potency, high yield, and soft taste. She produces sticky, generously proportioned buds and grows to great heights.

If you find the germination of seeds to be a somewhat daunting process for you, allow us to send you to read our cannabis germination guide, and growing your Habiba seeds will be the easiest.

Also, please note that this is a plant that requires sufficient amounts of water before it reaches the full yielding capabilities. Ensure that you subject her to this necessity and also ample nutrients. Coffee grounds, coupled with artificial marijuana fertilizers, would do the magic for you. Happy, happy raising of your Habiba kids.



Our Habiba marijuana seeds have a 90% germination guarantee, just like ALL the seeds you will find on our website. This is to tell you that the little 10% remaining is for you to put in the effort and see to it that everything is right. We would be joyous to see you feeling beloved with our beloved Habiba auto feminized.



When you cultivate your Habiba auto feminized seeds, you will be expecting to reap all-female autoflowers. The whole idea behind feminized seeds is seeing to it that you are reaping all-female cannabis plants.

There is also no much worry about the lighting schedules in these seeds as they are autoflowering in nature. If, for a reason, you would be interested in having both males and females, we would be happy to send you through our regular habiba seeds.



Probably you will go through our Habiba marijuana seeds and feel like the prices put you off, citing how cheap she appears despite her capability. However, realize that here at AMS, we are primarily driven by seeing that we green mother-nature in the best way possible, and even though we are pocket-friendly, the quality remains all the same – super.

Want to save some bucks while shopping for your Habiba cannabis seeds? You can checkout using Bitcoin, and you will save 10% off the regular price. Also, we recommend that you sign up on our newsletter as we mostly announce whenever there are ongoing offers. You never know! Our next deal would be to buy a single packet of Habiba seeds and get two!



Trust us that we have read your mind and discovered that you need your Habiba autoflowering seeds to get delivered to you with opaque packaging materials, such that no one would be in a position to know what gets delivered to you.

Since time immemorial, we have ensured that we use blanc materials that have no marijuana or marijuana seeds engulfed writing on the envelopes. It would take a magician’s hand to guess what gets delivered to you.

Would you like to reciprocate our love for you? That is doable, especially when you buy our marijuana merchandise. We have lots of fun cannabis merchandise to wear when tending to your Habiba autoflower. It would be an absolute pleasure to order these along with your packet of Habiba grass seeds and perhaps celebrate your next 420 weed holiday while wearing a relevant piece of cloth. We love you and hope that it won’t hurt to ask you to do so right back.


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