Indica Autoflowering Combo Xl


10 x Habiba Auto-Fem-Samen
10 x Big Bud Auto-Fem-Samen
10 x Nordlichter XTRM Auto-Fem Samen


Habiba auto-fem

This auto-fem strain is a fast-growing, heavy yielding hybrid. Habiba is praised for its potency, high yield, and soft taste. Habiba is a typical Indica, a strong-growing dense plant with big leaves and produces a great amount of weed. Embrace the flavors of orange and sweet berries. Unwind after a stressful day and smoke some Habiba weed.

Big Bud auto-fem

This strain is an indica dominant massive yield grower. Buying Big Bud auto-fem seeds means a great harvest that is easy to grow. Big Bud has a long-lasting smooth high and a sweet musky taste. Bid goodbye to problematic medical conditions that tend to be a nuisance during the night hours. Here, we are talking about headaches, insomnia, migraines, and loads more with the Big Bud autoflower strain.

Northern Lights XTRM auto-fem

In the Northern Lights strain you will find the perfect balance of 11 different genetics from various strains that find their origin on the west coast of the US. This particular strain is predominated by a sweet, tropical Indica. This makes for a delightful aroma and a very relaxing high. Another reason why this plant is so immensely popular is the high THC levels and its CBD content.


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