Limoncello Haze Autoflowering Samen


Thc Level 20 – 30%
Indica 30%
Sativa 70%
Klima Drinnen / Draußen
Ertrag Innen Bis Zu 350 Gramm Pro Quadratmeter
Ertrag Im Freien Bis Zu 450 Gramm Pro Quadratmeter
Höhe Innen Bis Zu 90 Cm
Höhe Im Freien Bis Zu 120 Cm
Blühzeit Innen 7 – 8 Wochen
Schwierigkeit Mäßig


Our Limoncello Haze is a mix of Lemon Ice and XTRM Super Silver Haze. This citrus-flavored Haze will knock your socks off. This Sativa produces enormous amounts of buds, it grows dense and its yield is fantastic.

Try this great autoflowering strain with a vaporizer for the full citrus flavor. It will tingle your mouth like you would if drinking fresh lemonade or Limoncello. The high starts in your body and slowly moves up to your head for a long-lasting relaxing high. When you smoke Limoncello make sure you have plenty of sweets and crisps around, this one will get you the munchies!

For the medical marijuana user. Limoncello Haze is great for pain relief. Smoking Limoncello can do so much more than just pain relief, it helps you sleep and promotes appetite.

First-time users of Limoncello beware! Limoncello Haze ensures a psychedelic high that even the most experienced smokers will experience. This strain needs plenty of nutrients when growing so make sure you order your fertilizer with this strain.

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